Water wise features

Construction and landscaping:

  • Construction and landscaping based on Water Corporation, Guidelines for Waterwise criteria (Irrigation Australia 2007)
  • Refer biodiversity for landscaping – endemic and water tolerant plants, trees, ground cover
  • 1500 litre pond covered by shade sails in summer

Plumbing innovation:

  • Separately sub-metred and pre-layed provision for 3 future apartments plus:
    • Pre-lay provision for additional 2 x future kitchens – taps and wastewater;
    • Pre-lay provision for additional kitchen and shower on ground floor;
    • Pre-lay provision for additional toilet and laundry on ground floor


  • Fully plumbed and certified grey water system covering 80m2 of external land area from sinks, shower recesses and washing machine drainage – exception of toilets and kitchen sink only;
  • 6 zone automated mains connected irrigation system including grey water flush – similar reticulation for each zone/station
  • All non-edibles on ground i.e. trees, shrubs and ground cover – irrigated by greywater drip feed
  • All edibles – fruit and vegables, on ground floor irrigated by drip fed mains water
  • All large trees on living roof irrigated by a combination of drip and root spot irrigation
  • All other plants and shrubs on living roof irrigated by drip fed mains water
  • Drip feed greywater for all ground cover shrubs, plants and trees
  • 18m2 lawn reticulation using mains with spray patterns and layouts which minimise overspray and optimise water distribution.
  • Apart from grey water no station services more than one hydrozone.

Storm-water capture and storage:

  • 8000+Litre inter-connected water tank storage system fully plumbed to every tap, toilet and shower-head within house (external taps connected to mains) and protected by sediment, carbon and commercial grade UV light protection;
  • Roof rainwater storage managed via 5 (3 on south and 2 on north) downpipes each with first flush clean provision and connected to stormwater overflow and maintenance provision – roof/gutter design optimised to capture as much stormwater as possible;
  • Groundwater replenishment through limited hard sealed building and/or landscaping footprint;

Water efficient taps, toilets, shower heads and appliances:

  • Nobili Balance Basin Mixer Chrome (6*) – for all bathroom taps
  • Porcher Saga Cast Sink Mixer Chrome (6*) – laundry tap
  • NIKLES PURE ECO RAIL SHOWER 105 C/P (3*) – 6 litres per minute – showers
  • Scala G/N Pullout Sink MIX 2F CP (5*) – kitchen
  • Laufen Pro Ccbtw Suite BI Scs WH (4*) – 3.3l average flush – dual flush toilets
  • No bath or spa installed – although provision for an external outdoor shower and bath have been laid on ground floor
  • Miele G7515 SCU XXL Built-under Dishwasher – 4*
  • Miele W3725 Washing machine 4.5*

Solar Hot Water:

  • 300Litre solar hot water system gravity fed from roof storage with provision for 2 additional electric hot water systems to be installed for future apartments or as cut over boost for existing structure;
  • Hot water system located less than the minimum mandated 20m from points of use – <8m for whole of house;


  • StepBeyond (Primary – project management, research, design, installation – 3 apartments, rain and grey water)
  • Water Installations – design support, installation, certification of qreywater
  • NuLook Homes – dual plumbing – rain and greywater, solar hot water system installation
  • Rainfill Tanks – water storage tanks
  • Reece plumbing – fixtures, pipework, reticulation and fittings

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