Physical site footprint:

  • 183m2 hard sealed land area footprint over available 476m2 (38%) – includes single concrete driveway and 20m2 of paving for clothesline and as base for water tanks
  • Additional car space and all foot paths using crushed limestone –
    • complemented by broadly spaced natural stone steppers as part of nature play principles
      • to allow ground water replenishment
      • to allow additional vegetation to be planted once crushed limestone settled i.e. along footpaths and on driveways
  • No additional treatment of existing land under raised decking on north and west.
  • 18m2 of Sir Walter Buffulo grass encased in FormBoss®
  • Recycled spotted gum timber for east/south cladding
  • Recycled spotted gum timber for all decking and external balustrade handrails
  • Rapidly renewable bamboo installed for first floor cover

Habitat connection:

  • Existing active mature trees maintained on property through demolition – 2 x WA Red Wattle located on west and east
  • No mono-culture – over 55 different varieties of mature native/water tolerant trees, shrubs and seedlings planted – refer to mature tree register.
  • Introduced trees, shrubs and plants selected to attract wildlife nesting, nutrient and activity at multiple layers across land-area connecting north, south, east and west.
  • All trees checked against and planted in accordance with:
    • Department of Agriculture and Food – Harmful garden plants in Western Australia, 2009
    • Water Corporation – Protect your home, select the right tree, 2010
    • Water Corporation – Popular Garden Designs for Perth and the South West, 2016
  • Awaiting Water Corporation – Water for pipes project over Sep-Nov 2017 to be completed before completing native planting on 25m2 verge.


  • No artificial air-conditioning or heating contributing to the ‘heat island effect’
  • Crushed limestone driveways and footpaths to reduce ground level heat absorption and radiance into building and onto landscaping
  • Total climates (see indoor air quality for indoor climate):
    • Perth metro climate – temperate (category 5)
    • Total ground floor roof space planted 25m2
    • Living roof trees to 5m – planted/supported in corten steel planter boxes to withstand wind and supply sufficient nutrient/drainage
    • Living roof shrubs, plants and seedlings level with first floor
    • Ground floor trees to 10m
    • Ground floor trees, shrubs, plants to 3m
    • Raised vegetable garden beds at different layers surrounded by fruit trees and other edibles
    • Ground cover – combination of Bentonite, native and specialist mature tree soil conditioner and potting mixes, 100+mm coverage of eco-mulch.


  • Building designed to withstand greater than 1 in 100 year storm – upgraded from engineer and building standard N1 to N2 rating to handle 33metres/second wind due to elevated building terrain (47m above sea level)

Food production:

  • 4 x 1500mm (long), 800mm (wide) raised vegetable beds installed using vegetable mix soil conditioner
  • 3 x layers of vegetables/edibles planted – ground, 0.5m high, 800mm high
  • Fruit trees planted include: Lemon, Blueberry, Mulberry (white), grapefruit, kiwi-berry, mandarin, native plum


  • No composite material installed due to the nature of mixing organic and synthetic materials so it can neither be recycled or re-used i.e. ultimate destination is landfill
  • Everything except the concrete slab is design for disassembly, renovation, organic breakdown i.e. recycled timber
  • 97% of existing 50’s dwelling on site not suitable for renovation either recycled or reused.
  • Composting system for organic waste – fruits, vegetables

Indoor air quality:

  • Combination of 20 internal trees and plants
  • Natural lighting and air flow ventilation – solar passive design and insulation/glazing avoiding artificial heating and cooling
  • Limited and/or reduced use of PVC’s and Volatile Organic Compounds in all adhesives, joinery and paints

Primary partner:

  • StepBeyond Business Advisors:
    • Construction materials research and lifecycle/footprint analysis
    • Landscape / rainwater / Irrigation / greywater design
    • Procurement and Project management

Other eco-partners:

  • Solar Dwellings – Solar Passive design and air flow
  • NuLook Homes and Paramount Design – building contract living roof structure
  • Lalli and Associates – Engineering
  • Water Installations – Rainwater/Greywater design, support, installation and certification with Town of Cambridge
  • Suburban Farmer – Vegetable garden beds, eco-mulch
  • Green Life Soils – Bentonite and native potting mix, eco-mulch
  • Painters – Northerly Painting Services & Artisan Painting Services
  • Greenearth Enterprises – Formboss and Corten steel planters
  • Soils ain’t soils – crushed limestone and eco-mulch
  • Ellenby Tree Farm – mature trees and ultimate landscape soil mix
  • Apace Nursury, Landsdale plants – small trees, shrubs, seedlings, compost

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