Principal sustainability partners

solar dwellings



  • Solar passive design – performance and innovation
  • Wide range of construction advice
  • Preliminary drafting, pre-selections and reviews
  • Building supplier network and building contractor procurement
  • Ongoing decision support throughout and post construction



  • Build administration par excellence
  • Final selections, drawings and construction expertise
  • Construction contract and supervision of building supplier procurement and over-sight
  • High quality construction blended with customer focus
  • Ongoing decision support throughout and post construction



  • Research – sustainable design and construction
  • Material lifecycle analysis
  • Certification via E-Tool and NaThers Star ratings
  • Electrical contract with Techforce
  • Rain and grey water design in partnership with Water Installations
  • Landscape/biodiversity design – including living roof
  • Product/Vendor/Supplier reviews and management
  • Project management
  • Futures thinking

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