Functional creativity & design

Functional creativity:

  • The existing 50’s cottage was not structurally sound for renovation. StateWide Demolition advised they were able to re-use/recycle 97% of the pre-existing building materials.
  • A (small) number of bottles of fine South West Australian wine at a cabin in Denmark WA, along with some scissors, cardboard and markers helped create our functional requirements.
  • Essential homework and preparation with Landgate, Telstra, Western Power and the Water Corporation, to determine extent of telco/grid power/water in and out. No natural gas connection to the property and it stayed that way.

Solar passive design – there is way too much to write here so:

  • See Griff and the team at Solar Dwellings –
  • (source of images below)
  • Core design considerations included:
    • Integrating the buildings metabolism as part of the wider community/system i.e. mass, carbon, energy and water flows.
    • Perth climate – category 5 (temperate).
    • Windows/Glazing type, orientation and location.
    • Roof and ceiling buffer zones.
    • Mixed mass construction materials.
    • Natural lighting and shading, heating and cooling.
    • Natural ventilation and air flow – breathable walls and interior.
    • Certifications i.e. NatHers, carbon/energy/material/water lifecycle analysis, Greywater.
    • Hydrozones for bio-diversity – avoiding mono-cultures of plants, trees and shrubs.
    • Optimising use of natural energy from the earth and allowing groundwater replenishment for rainwater not harvested.
    • Renewable energy.


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